The appraisal protocol
revolutionizing NFT utility

Solving NFT liquidity and utility problems with DeFi's newest consensus protocol.

About Us

Valiir Technologies is a blockchain analytics company. We are developing a proprietary PoV (Proof of Value) protocol that provides on-chain appraisal for NFTs. Our protocol aims to reduce volatility, improve asset liquidity, and increase institutional confidence--making NFT valuations more reliable, secure and valuable!

Our Team

Phillip Morris, Founder & CEO
Co-founder of The Alchemy Foundation, and founding partner at EnthusiastEQ Consulting Partners. A savvy, charismatic sales executive that knows how to build successful teams. He built and led a sales team responsible for 196% revenue growth YoY for three consecutive years--from $3.6M to $19.4M. Currently leading a $171M division through a growth strategy to $400M over the next 3 years. An alumnus of Valencia College and the University of Central Florida with degrees in Finance/Economics. Also certified in Blockchain Financial Structures from INSEAD and Blockchain Economics from the Wharton School.
3x Non-Technical Startup Founder
Buy-side Acquisition Partner
Senior Corporate Sales Executive
15 years in Finance & Insurance
23 years Sales & Marketing experience

Erin Magennis, Co-Founder & CIO
Neuroscientist yogi turned serial entrepreneur focused on developing digital ventures at the intersection of community, technology and enhancing our human experience. Extensive experience in Web 3.0, NFTs, Augmented Reality platforms and bridging DeFI and CeFI. An alumni of Carthage College with backgrounds in Neuroscience, Biology and Chemistry. Featured as one of Wisconsin Innovation's 25 under 25, Hatch's Top 100 Global Innovators, and a recent speaker on Washington Elite and NFT.NYC.
6x Tech Startup Founder
Neuroscientist turned Venture Developer
Multi-hyphenate Serial Entrepreneur
NFT Platform Co-founder
Top 100 NextGen Innovator
Top 100 Women in Blockchain & Web 3.0

Adam Achebe, Co-Founder & Research & Development
Full stack developer with years of experience building production-ready applications. He is driven to promote decentralized finance as a realistic alternative to traditional financial services. Praised for his innovative approaches to delivering blockchain-based services.
Full Stack Developer
Blockchain Developer
Web/Mobile App Developer
Augmented Reality Specialist
AI/ML Architect
Questbridge Scholar


NFT values are speculative at best. Without a consensus standard NFT's lack liquidity and utility--you can’t take NFTs to the bank. Today there is no standard for digital asset valuation or comparable appraisal--until now.The Valiir Protocol will be the decentralized standard that solves the biggest problem with NFT's underlying quasi-financial infrastructure. NFT's will no longer hinge on speculative values or social influence.

NFT creators, asset owners, and managers will be able to validate, compare, and appraise the value of NFTs in real time--ultimately providing a liquidity basis and true utility for any buying, selling, lending, or borrowing application.


We're developing a protocol that delivers a standardized appraisal for all asset classes of non-fungible tokens. Our protocol aggregates cross-chain data and indexes unique queries that produce a verifiable on-chain appraisal of value--giving the the holder trust, transparency and confidence in the value of the digital asset. Our protocol analyzes more than 1 billion data points to appraise and compare NFTs making their valuation and appraisal more transparent, reliable and consistent with emerging open finance standards.The result is a decentralized, authoritative validator that NFT creators, investors, or asset managers can use to support an authentic basis of value.

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